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Why Choose?

That’s kind of the theme of the new genre I’ve discovered. It’s full of passionate readers who love nothing more than a good romance between one woman and one, no, two … wait, three. Four? Five? SEVEN? men.

It’s called reverse harem (which is a terrible name) and many of the books I’ve read so far have been super fun. Some are down and dirty, some are slow burn, some are contemporary and some are fantasy. The sky is really the limit when it comes to these books (and often, authors break right through the sky and go into space with their stories.)

Since I love to share good books, I’ll share a few of the books I’ve enjoyed so far. (I’ve already read 30+ books this year. Yeah.)

  1. Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning
    * Four Psychos and Three Trials are the only books out in this series so far.
    These books were hilarious and surprising. I had so much fun following the MC around (she’s a ghost without memories) as she spies on four hot dudes and tries to figure out how to get them to see her. Hilarity ensues. Which is not to say that this book doesn’t have kickass fight scenes, or Lucifer, because it has both. Anyone who knows me knows I adore reading books with Lucifer as a character and this one brings on the Satany goodness. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. WRITE FASTER, KRISTY!
    This had a moderate to high heat level.
  2. Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington
    ‘ve only read the first book in this series and have included it on this list because it was the first RH book I’d read deliberately. (Merry Gentry and Anita Blake are both RH and I’ve read many of those books, but that was before I knew RH was a genre. An exploding genre at that.)
    It was compelling but I didn’t like the overly-alpha way all the dude characters treated Seraph. It bordered on abusive to me (and there’s depictions of abuse in the book, though between Seraph and her father, not Seraph and her dudes.) I may pick up the next book to read, but I may not. This didn’t have any sex in it, fyi.
  3. Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart 
    This is a complete series! Yay for complete series! Do you like vampires? Blood? Sex? All three mixed together? (Seriously, all three mixed together.) Then this series is for you. There isn’t a ton of time for character development because there’s seriously so much sex going on, but I think that’s the fun of the books. I got to the point where I was cheering for each new dude arrival, wondering how he would help level up the queen! These books are like a video game and the queen levels up with every new paramour. SO MUCH FUN.
    These books have a super high heat level.
  4. Groupie by CM Stunich
    This is a complete series too! It’s a contemporary and revolves around a rock band called Beauty in Lies. The MC Lilith loses her father and has to make it back home to his funeral. She has no money to her name and a car that doesn’t want to run. Enter … a happy little turn of fate that gets her a backstage pass. Chaos ensues. (And by chaos, I mean sex. Lots of lovely, wonderful sex.) The characters are well-developed and have distinct voices.
    These books have a super high heat level too.

Some RH books never have sex in them. Others have all the sex. I learned that some RH readers love a little M/M thrown in with their FMMM or FMMMM or FMMMMM or FMMMMMM or … you get the idea. Other RH books don’t go there. (One said, in its blurb, “No crossing of the swords in this book.” At first I was confused. It was fantasy! How do you get away without a single sword fight? Then I realized. Ohhhhh.)

The best part about this genre, though, are its passionate, amazing, wonderful fans. I’ve never been in a group more welcoming, excited, and active than the RH group I’m part of on Facebook.

So, pick up one of these books and try it. The best thing is, you don’t’ have to read just one. Like the women in these stories, you don’t have to choose between them. You can read them all!!

Why choose?

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