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Welcome Author Cathy Hird

cover for emailing - CopyWelcome to author Cathy Hird. Take a look at her gorgeous cover and sneak a peek into Before the New Moon Rises.


With the sequel to my first novel coming out on Wednesday (It is called Before the New Moon Rises), I thought readers might be interested in what is going on between the two books and off stage. Those who are in the midst of the action get a first hand view of events. Though they face danger, at least they can act. It is hard for those who are far off, who can only wonder how others are getting along.


When his daughter was kidapped, King Gryneus of Tiryns sent his son Melanion and a fleet of ships to rescue her. He hoped and believed that one or the other would succeed. But they had gone into the distant north, and he had no way of knowing how that quest progressed. In the meantime, there are rumblings of trouble nearer home.


The chief counsellor found Gryneus, king of Tiryns, on the roof of the palace gazing north. His face showed no emotion, but his shoulders showed the tension that had grown each day since the moon rose red.

“You have news for me?” the king asked.

“The spy you sent to Mycenae returned this morning. He reports that there are rumours of war in that city. Soldiers speak of battle as they drink in the inns, but they do not know where they will be sent.”

“So there is not as yet an army headed our way.” The king shook his head. “A good thing since neither my son nor the fleet has returned.”

“And there is no news of Thalassai.” The counsellor frowned at the road that lead north to Corinth, to Mycenae and further, toward the city that held the princess captive. “Until Melanion rides back down that road, there is no way to know, unless you wish to ask the priests.”

“And waste a poor goat so they can slaughter it and pretend to read messages in the entrails.” The king clenched his hands. “I could send to Delphi for the oracle to speak, but that is half way to the city of the one who kidnapped my daughter. By the time such a messenger returned….” The king shrugged. “We can do nought but wait. And spy on our once friendly neighbours.”

“I offered a prayer at Athena’s temple last night, asking her to guard the princess.” The counsellor hesitated. “There is one other thing I would advise. If you are right that in his desire for a port, king Atreus of Mycenae will eventually send an army upon us, we could gather food, begin to prepare for a seige.”

The king’s shoulders relaxed a little. There was a smile on his face when he turned to the counsellor. “A task we can do. Order an inventory of the store houses. By tomorrow morning, I want to know what we need and where in our own lands we can find supplies to augment what we have stored.” He smiled slightly. “And find me an escort. I will visit the bronze smiths and see if we might turn out a few more swords and heads for spear and arrow. I will do more than just wait.”

To find out what is going on with the king’s daughter, you can read Moon of the Goddess. The sequel Before the New Moon Rises is out on Wednesday. Both are published by Prizm Books.

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Cathy Hird is a minister and a mother, a weaver and a shepherd living in rural Ontario. She is a story teller who weaves ancient threads into tales that touch modern questions.  Before the New Moon Rises is Cathy’s second novel. She also writes a weekly column for an on-line news magazine, short stories and some poetry.



twitter: @cathyhirdwriter



Moon of the Goddess:

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