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Visit from artist Jayde Vestrais

Are you looking for art for your next project? Need some inspiration for your characters in your NaNoNovel? Perhaps you’ll find your muse on artist Jayde Vestrais’ website accounts.

About the Artist:

I started drawing when I was a little bit with my mom teaching me how to draw horses and it kind of snowballed from there. I enjoy working with a wide variety of mediums now from various paints to clay, pewter, digital, and even acrylic nails. My preferred at the moment is digital largely because it’s a lot harder for my youngest to steal the supplies and smear them all over the walls. My favorite things to draw are non-humans and the not quite human critters. And yes, I am open to commissions. You can find me on Tumblr, Facebook, and twitch.

You should check out her stuff. It’s cool!

Like this alien horse: Horse
Or this dragon: Dragon
Oo! Or this guy: Doom
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