This is just a quick post with five simple things to help plot your stories. Figure out what your character really, really wants.  Your job as author is to make sure they don’t get it, at least, not in the beginning, or middle of your story. Figure out your character’s flaw. This isn’t something simple. It’s […]

I have some amazing friends. Would you like to see what they’ve done? First there’s Maria, a.k.a. @Monster_Maven who made me these totes cool graphics: I met Maria on Twitter and I have to say she’s awesome. She loves monsters as much as I do and shows off her love with awesome, cool things like […]

Thanks for visiting! Just for you, here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming book, The Bug Queen: Vedalia Kirkaldy studied the directions on the insecticide, understanding in the deepest part of her she was only putting off the inevitable. Four trips to the grocery store for supplies. A break for lunch. A chat with her […]