You. You there, with your ink-smudged fingers. You, with the stubby nails and callused fingertips. You, with the too-rapid heartbeat from the caffeinated beverages you consume from sunrise to sunset to fuel your muse. Yeah, you. I love you. I appreciate every drop of your blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the books you […]

Reading and thinking about what I read … Lemme say this up front: I’m not that great at reviewing books. I read for fun. Quotes or story details don’t usually stick with me, but how the book made me feel will stay long after The End. However, my goal this month is to take a […]

Guess who’s back with a brand new blog post? You may have noticed I have a theme going, huh? *whispers* Emotions, man. This is the reading part of the theme and it’s dedicated to the books I read. I love reading books on writing–you may have noticed–but there are other ways to study and learn […]

*****New Release*****Resistant, a Sci-Fi/Horror Romance*****$2.99***** Blurb: Before the outbreak, Sahara was a high school teacher living alone in a small Alabama town. She saw her life as nothing more than endless days of teaching children Shakespeare and nights reading paranormal romances. She was happy with her life, as quiet and mundane as it was. After […]

Can you feel your heart beating? Is it beating too fast? Do you feel trapped? Thisis because you are. You’re standing in a pool of water, in the basement of EndHouse, wearing your party clothes. But there is no party, no host and noguests. The door behind you locks shut. The only way is forward, […]

Welcome to your bookish doom! Or, should I say, welcome to your dream come true! Because, if you’re a reader, you’re going to enjoy four days’ worth of books, authors, and Halloweenie goodies. Where will this party take place, you ask? Why, I have the address right here: Please feel free to share word of […]

Books! Books! Read some books! It’s been a great year, one full of new friendships, deepening relationships, and wonderful story telling. To wrap up 12 months of awesomesauce, I wanted to create a reading list (with links) of the authors and/or books I’ve enjoyed this year. Some authors have more books than what I’ve listed […]

I have some amazing friends. Would you like to see what they’ve done? First there’s Maria, a.k.a. @Monster_Maven who made me these totes cool graphics: I met Maria on Twitter and I have to say she’s awesome. She loves monsters as much as I do and shows off her love with awesome, cool things like […]

Bug Queen is my new book, born of an image in my head. This image was of a woman with her hair blown back by epic wind, her dress sweeping behind her, and an ominous tornado of bugs behind her that she was controlling. Here’s how that scene played out on the page: The bugs […]