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Please welcome author Kristy Carey!

Guest Post for Jennifer Ponce

Wandering Wizard by author Kristy Carey, featured on Jen Ponce's website
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Wow… I’ve been all over the place this last week… And its great to be here!!

I’m Kristy Carey, and have been allowed to take control of your regularly scheduled program to instead wreak havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!!!
~Jennifer whispers to me something~
Or, write a blog post on two characters on my current WIP, and writing in general for me. I can do that too.  But the other thing might have been more fun.  😀

So, we’ll start with Anna-Liisa Reyes, aka The Arrow.

Anna-Liisa is in her 30’s and spent much of her early life in Spain.  She’s an excellent marksmen, no matter what she’s using to hit you with [knife, gun, arrow, frisbee, push pin, shoe….].  Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow.  Hence the name, the Arrow [gasp!  I know.]
I don’t know too much about her life, but she is a blunt woman who doesn’t do ‘subtle’.  She’s been both an assassin and a bodyguard.  For the most part, she’s always been on the side of freedom, which comes into play at one of the most defining moments in her life.
At some point in her 20’s, Anna-Liisa was sent to get in close and eventually kill a dictator who’s projects would eventually lead to the deaths of thousands.  Every one of those deaths, would be both on his head and in the country he was ruling.
During her time with him, she fell in love and he found out why she was there.  Both talked about changing and leaving it all behind, but the day he proposed he also prepared to set in motion a civil war which would leave him in charge regardless and kill countless people for no reason.  So she faced a hard choice.
Stay with a man who was evil and by your actions help him murder thousands, or kill a man who loves you… But not enough to leave with you and stop, to save those people.
The ring rests on her dresser, while the still bloody arrow is hidden away in her closet.
Anna-Liisa couldn’t put her possible happiness above the lives of so many people.  The ring is a constant reminder that sadly, while love dose conquer all… Its not always the romantic love.
So that is one of my characters.

Quinn Tessa Bellini, aka The Speed, is my other one.  And I know less about her.

She’s about 21, and changes the color of her hair monthly.  At the time of the story, its pink.  Her family died when she was young and I don’t think knew about her speed.  At about 17 she met Erik, and he helped her learn how to control and how to utilize it.  He also, with her permission, studied how it affected her body.  This was mostly to make sure she didn’t end up aging too fast, or ever reach a point of not being able to slow down.
It was when Erik really started the Protectors that she found a home.  The others are her siblings and they all adore her.  We see this when it comes to two major incidents in her life.  One where she almost died, and another where they dressed up and danced all day to YMCA to win tickets for a concert.
Beyond that, I just know that she’s sweet, strong and the heart of the group.  And yes, she is in fact molded a good deal after The Flash and Quicksilver from Days of Future Past.  I’m sure as I write about her more, her personality will take on its own life.

Now, my writing in general.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to put.  I struggled a bit because while I do like my heroines to be strong in their own right, I tend to write what comes to mind and most of the time.. Its a male protagonist.  There are women mentioned in my only Published piece, The Wandering Wizard… Two in fact.  And both are strong… Just, not primary parts of the story.
For whatever reason, I think better as a man in stories.  Women confuse me.  Too many emotions, too much I don’t get.  Which is funny, since I am one.
And again, I don’t want my chicks to be weak willed little girls.  Nor do I want the men that way.  personally, I think its wrong to strengthen one only to weaken the other.  It goes against my Klingon nature.  [That’s a post you’ll have to visit my blog to learn more about.  😉 ]
I will explain some of what it means.  Here is the full info on a Klingon Wedding
“And when the two hearts began to beat together, they filled the heavens with a terrible sound. For the first time, the gods knew fear. They tried to flee, but it was too late.
The Klingon hearts destroyed the gods who created them and turnes the heavens to ashes. To this very day, no one can oppose the beating of two Klingon hearts.
…., son of …, does your heart beat only for this woman?
The groom states an affirmative. The ceremony continues.
And will you swear to join with her and stand with her against all who would oppose you?
He agrees again, and she continues, turning to the bride, asking the same questions:
…., daughter of …, does your heart beat only for this man?
And do you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who would oppose you?
The bride stands in agreement, and in conclusion, spoken to all is (mistress) :
Then let all present here today know that this man and this woman are married.”
Do you see it there?  Its not about one being better, stronger, or anything.  Its about being together and that together, you’re both stronger.  I loved it.  I want to have my own Klingon Wedding someday.  Just, without the leather dress.  Not my style.
I think that’s why I like David Eddings so much.  Both are strong, and both are weak.  Neither is above the other.  Life should be like that a lot more.  And I think if we looked back in history, it was like that at times.
Anywho… That didn’t really answer anything about my writing, except my weird view on male and female roles in stories.
I hope you enjoyed.
Kristy C

Kristy Carey’s Bio

Author Kristy Carey, featured on Jen Ponce's Blog
Author Kristy Carey

Kristy Carey is an author and blogger with a passion for creativity.  With one publication under her belt, she plans to keep the momentum by focusing on the Urban Fantasy genre in future pieces.  She is currently splitting her time between writing and steampunk jewelry design. Her passion in both writing and design, is to mix together elements that don’t belong, and make them seem natural.  Kristy is currently working on a Superhero story staring The Protectors as they battle both Loki and Kronos.


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