There are some books that make you sink in and become the characters, that drape you in lovely words and weave the fantasy world around you. If you haven’t read her, well, that’s the reason for the black hole in your life you’ve always felt but never knew how to fill. Her series starts out […]

I’m excited to announce that I have a new book coming out in February. Hot Ride follows Counting On Your Love and stars two characters you may know from the first book: Deb Park and Pete Test. Tada!   Aren’t they pretty? They really show the two ladies’ personalities, too. Libby would so wear pearls […]

Learning about new books is great, right? Here’s another for your enjoyment. Blurb: FIRST IN A SERIES: Fightball: Dying of Suck … is the exaggerated and hyperbolic and mildly fictionalized story of Maj and Kallan, two wildly intelligent and hilarious sisters who navigate life from opposite ends of every point of view. Narrated by their […]

The High King's Will by M. A. Ray

Are you excited? I’m totes excited. I feel like I birthed this book myself, and all I did was watch it come bloody and screaming into this world, take its first steps, get stabbed, get up again… Wait a minute. Okay. Back to the good stuff. First, check out this excerpt:   He dropped his […]

This came up in a Facebook conversation and within the space of a few comments, I learned about two new plug-ins I’m now using on this site. I realized that it might be helpful to someone else to know what plug-ins I use, so I’m going to list them here and give you a little […]