Give a hearty welcome to author D. A. Lascelles! Gods of the Deep Professor Everyn Crowe is just a harmless academic with an interest in the Theological and Ethereal Sciences. He’d expected his life to consist of quiet hours in the library and tinkering with his newly invented etheric compass. He is therefore surprised when […]

Let’s get this out of the way first: I love Princess Bride. “Stop that now, I mean it!” “Anybody want a peanut?” is something I say all the time. It’s a fricking quotable movie and there are so many fun things about it. When Inigo and Westley are sword fighting? The iocane powder? Andre the […]

A. D. Trosper is taking over a post today to talk about her sale! Take it away: Biggest sale on books you may or may not have heard of!   Many have read these, many more have not. Some will share this because they love them, others won’t because they don’t wish to inflict my […]

There was a man on Facebook crying misandry when a friend posted a meme about the fear women have when they say no. He felt that since he, personally, didn’t push it when a woman said no, then it was safe to say that women just overreact when it comes to strange men asking them […]

There are some books that make you sink in and become the characters, that drape you in lovely words and weave the fantasy world around you. If you haven’t read her, well, that’s the reason for the black hole in your life you’ve always felt but never knew how to fill. Her series starts out […]