Welcome to the scary, weird, and blood-soaked world of Jen Ponce, liberally sprinkled with kickass women and oogy monsters.

Praise for the Bazaar:


    “I’m not usually a fan of books about witches and magic, but this is one series that I look forward to reading
more of!”
Tess from WA

    “Devany Miller has earned the distinction of becoming my most favorite, fictional female character. She’s the
epitome of real life, modern woman.”
Lex Allen

    “The Bazaar pulls you in and grabs hold of your eyes until you have read the last sentence. Several layers of
worlds Ms. Ponce has created with all the characters, magic and macabre that should come out of them and a
kick ass woman, Devany Miller as the lead. Ms Ponce has the gift of the genre.”
Sherri Williams

    “All I can say is, Wow! This is the best fantasy/sci-fi book I have read in a long time and I’m really looking
forward to the next book in the series.”


Bug Queen TwoFrontOnly (Small)

Praise for Bug Queen:

“Not many things manage to creep me out these days, but this did.” Reika

“Bug Queen by Jen Ponce was an excellent read! I must say, there were a few times I got creeped out enough I had to put the book down for a few minutes. Of course, I picked it right back up, though,
because I had to know what would happen next.” 
S M Lowry

“This is the third story I’ve read by author Jen Ponce. She’s a great writer and storyteller. Each of her stories, though part of a series, have been stand alone. As a reader, this is greatly appreciated. Bug Queen has an interesting protagonist and unusual storyline. I’m amazed by the breadth of the author’s tales. Another 5 star story.” louise3anne

“This is an absolutly fantastic, nail-biting, gross-fulfilling story!” Nikki Yager

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