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Monsters Galore! Welcome Author Mike Wolff!

Author Mike Wolff has dropped by to show off his monsters for us. Yay!

Check out their dossiers. If you want to know who the 5th faction leader is, you need to pick up a copy of Guiding Council of Myths and Urban Legends! It’s on sale for $0.99. You can’t beat a deal like that!

Alistair the Troll:







Clancy the Dwarf:







Rusty the Vampire:







Rosa the Bigfoot:






Great monsters and I love the dossiers. That’s a super cool way to get people excited about your characters. If you like myths and legends with a dash of humor and horror, then you really should try out Mike’s book. Come on, you know you want to.

The author also does reviews. You can check out his page here.



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