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Kickass Woman’s Manifesto

Maya Angelou was a kick ass woman
Maya Angelou was a kickass woman

Since I write about Kickass Women I thought I’d better define them for myself. Everyone has their own opinion–this one is mine. Kickass women aren’t 100% perfect but they are willing to accept themselves for who they are. They don’t have to be physically strong to be kickass; neither do they need to be uber-smart or extra-snarky. They do honor themselves and have a lot of self-acceptance. I love Kickass Women and find them a treat to write about.


Kickass Woman’ Manifesto


1. Kickass Women Help Others

In fiction and real life, Kickass Women help those in need. They save the day, they lift the fallen, and support the needy. They know when a person genuinely needs help and when that person is being abusive. They don’t stick around for manipulators—Kickass Women knock those losers to the curb.

2. Kickass Women Care For Themselves

Kickass Women aren’t martyrs. They know that in order to continue to kickass, they have to be healthy and take care of themselves. This means saying no to people, taking alone-time seriously, and being willing to put her self-care at the top of all her to-do lists.

3. Kickass Women Have Their Own Identities

You won’t find Kickass Women in relationships or jobs where they cannot express themselves genuinely. Kickass women understand that authenticity creates peace and strength. They don’t stick around in jobs or with partners who deny their true selves. Kickass Women are proud of who they are and you’d better honor that or get the hell out of the way.

4. Kickass Women Are Independent

This doesn’t mean Kickass Women are loners. It means they can go to the movies or a fight without needing anyone else to tag along. They like themselves and have no trouble spending time alone. They enjoy social gatherings too and worry little about what others are thinking of them because they are confident in themselves.

5. Kickass Women Do

You won’t find a Kickass Woman pacing her living room, worrying about what she should do. She might take time to think things through but once she makes a decision, she takes action. She may ask for advice but she will make her own decisions.

6. Kickass Women Shape Their Own Lives

Kickass Women aren’t defined by the people in their lives. They define themselves. They create change when things are stale and they move forward rather than sit still and stagnate. They are willing to make mistakes and grow and change from them. They like learning more about themselves because it helps them understand who they are.

7. Kickass Women Fight For What They Believe In

If an ass needs to be kicked, a Kickass Woman will kick it. There’s no point in hoping someone else will save the day—if something needs saved, the Kickass Woman will be saving it. She is not one for letting other people do the dirty work.

8. Kickass Women Live

Kickass Women enjoy life. They may have their ups and downs but they grasp the adventure of living with both hands. They don’t expect it to be easy but they do appreciate those times when it’s quiet. They put in as much effort to have fun as they do kicking ass. It makes for great parties.

9. Kickass Women Have Boundaries

Kickass Women have no trouble telling others where they draw the line. Step over than line and you’ll see why they are called Kickass Women. Consent, respect, trust, and honor are lovely words for the Kickass Woman. Learn them. Use them. Live them.



  1. As a rocket scientist/novelist raising three kids alone, I totally get what you’re saying. Every female protagonist in a novel (and most short stories) is a kickass female because I want there to be more of them. They may not look like it at first glance, but you’ll find out. Inside, they’re all made of steel.

    • JenPonceAuthor JenPonceAuthor

      Excellent. 🙂 I approve of that very much.
      There are many ways to write about women. And the main character doesn’t have to be a literal butt kicker for me to love her (but I do love butt kickers.)
      You should share the links to your books. I’d love to see them!

    • JenPonceAuthor JenPonceAuthor

      Thanks, Mike! You’re awesome. 😀

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