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Fightball: Featured book

Learning about new books is great, right? Here’s another for your enjoyment.Fightball-Kindle-Cover


FIRST IN A SERIES: Fightball: Dying of Suck … is the exaggerated and hyperbolic and mildly fictionalized story of Maj and Kallan, two wildly intelligent and hilarious sisters who navigate life from opposite ends of every point of view. Narrated by their mother, Fightball: Dying of Suck is a book about children for readers of all ages. This first Fightball installment chronicles, as Maj describes it, “The time our family threw our lives up into the air and moved to Oregon.” Kallan, who is prone to falsehoods, hints that there are vampires and dragons and magic spells (there are none of these), because, she insists, “Marketing is all about bait and switch.”

A note to long-time readers of Pretty All True … some of the stories in Fightball appeared first (and in altered form) on Pretty All True, although they have since been taken down. I offer this simply by way of disclosure, as Fightball: Dying of Suck stands on its own and then some.


“I will just stay here, living under a bridge, with the wolves, starving to death because of humor writer’s block. Ironically, I will be laughing like a crazy person as I read and reread Fightball: Dying of Suck, especially the bits I have highlighted for emergency use.” – Bill Moore of Hogs Ate My Sister

As I read [Fightball: Dying of Suck], I wished I was there to watch the stories unfold. Her daughters’ dramatic over-excitabilities coupled with their mother’s uncanny ability to address situations with calculated dialog makes you pause and bust out laughing. You won’t be disappointed.  – Jen Hajer of The Martha Project

About the author:

I am Kris.

I am the author of Hope Lies in Less, a collection of short stories of the dark and intimate and unflinching sort.

I am the author of more than 1000 pieces here on Pretty All True; I write across several genres, including literary fiction, memoir, humor, and poetry.  If you go to look for those stories in my archives, you will find them missing, as I took them down.  You should have been here … it was amazing.

I am the author of the upcoming Fightball series, in which (with a healthy dose of hyperbole and no claims of truthfulness) I tell the stories of my daughters Maj and Kallan, who are hilariously extraordinary.

I am a used-to-be attorney.

I have been married to my husband Mark for almost 26 years.

I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, where I spend my time arguing with my brilliant and obstreperous daughters.  When my daughters are at school, I argue with the dogs, of which there are three – Jack the Terrier, Persie the Labrador, and Hazel the Weimaraner. Additionally, although no one would describe me as a “people-person,” I occasionally meet with friends for beer or coffee accompanied by petty disagreements, of which I am fond.

I have paid more in library fines than I ever made working as an attorney.

I know all the lyrics to all the songs, and I sing along. Always.

In my spare time, I obsess over the nothing that descends.

From the nothing, I gather words.

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