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Why is emotion in marketing important?

Embarking on a learning journey. Wanna come?

So, I’ve been doing marketing research, both for work and for my use as an indie author. I thought it would be fairly smart of me to write down what I learn, both so that I can go back to it when needed and to share the info with the people who don’t like to do research the way I do.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll stick with this for an entire year, but because I enjoy planning, I made a posting schedule for a year. I’ll post when I remember and feel motivated and I’ll forgive myself the weeks I forget or just don’t wanna.

Sound good?

September is Emotions month

I’m reading this fantastic book by Lisa Cron called Story Genius, which is all about connecting your story to the very important third rail which is … you guessed it, emotion! If you haven’t seen this book or her other, Wired For Story, well, you really need to read them. They’re well-written for one thing, so you’ll get a good read and great information about stories and how they’ve shaped humanity. For another thing, if you’re a writer, they’ll really help you look at the art of telling stories in a whole new way.

Since storytelling is so important and since it’s the way we humans communicate with each other, it only makes sense to use stories in marketing. In fact, some of the best commercials tell stories, isn’t that right? Some of the greatest memes tap into stories that have already been told. Songs also tell stories, don’t they, so combining visual stories with musical ones can make a huge impact.

For this month, I’ll be looking into how people use stories in their marketing. I’ll hunt down examples of effective and not-so-effective marketing storytelling and try to pick apart why the ones that work, work. THEN I’ll attempt to replicate that magic in my own marketing, show it off here and try it in the real world. (That’s terrifying.) Finally, I’ll recap all that I’ve learned and, hopefully, give you something you can work from for your own marketing.

But wait, there’s more! (Is this marketing? 😀 )

I’m feeling really ambitious right now, so I’m going to replicate this whole ‘research, analyze, try it, recap’ thing with my writing and with my reading, too. My goal is to have a different theme each month to guide my learnin’ but I am not going to obsess too much over a strict posting schedule. I’ll do it when it feels good and I won’t when it don’t … doesn’t. (Don’t rhymed! Damn grammar, taking away all the fun.)

Anyhoodles, that’s the plan. For now. I’m off to do some research!


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