You. You there, with your ink-smudged fingers. You, with the stubby nails and callused fingertips. You, with the too-rapid heartbeat from the caffeinated beverages you consume from sunrise to sunset to fuel your muse. Yeah, you. I love you. I appreciate every drop of your blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the books you […]

NOVEMBER IS HERE! Are you going to write a novel in November? I am. In fact, I’m feeling a little bit crazy so I’m going to work on TWO books in November. Are you ready for this? Two words: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Totally have to write about zombies, don’t I? Um yes. Yes I do. Here’s […]

Reading and thinking about what I read … Lemme say this up front: I’m not that great at reviewing books. I read for fun. Quotes or story details don’t usually stick with me, but how the book made me feel will stay long after The End. However, my goal this month is to take a […]

Guess who’s back with a brand new blog post? You may have noticed I have a theme going, huh? *whispers* Emotions, man. This is the reading part of the theme and it’s dedicated to the books I read. I love reading books on writing–you may have noticed–but there are other ways to study and learn […]

Woe! Hilarity! Terror! Fear! What do we need to know about emotions in writing? As writers, I mean. I intend to write about emotions in the books I read, but that’s another post. For this one, I’m focusing on how writers handle emotions in their stories. Now, I always figure I have things to learn. […]

Man, this book is giving me fits. I’m working! I’m writing! But every time I think I’ve gotten somewhere, I realize there’s more to do. Then I volunteer to beta or I get involved in a new Netflix series (Strange Things! Dark Matter! Limitless!) or rewatch one of my favorite series (Supernatural! The Walking Dead!). […]

I’m excited to announce that I have a new book coming out in February. Hot Ride follows Counting On Your Love and stars two characters you may know from the first book: Deb Park and Pete Test. Tada!   Aren’t they pretty? They really show the two ladies’ personalities, too. Libby would so wear pearls […]