There was a man on Facebook crying misandry when a friend posted a meme about the fear women have when they say no. He felt that since he, personally, didn’t push it when a woman said no, then it was safe to say that women just overreact when it comes to strange men asking them […]

So I watched two movies today. Okay, more than two, but these are the ones I’m talking about. Full disclosure: I didn’t make it through Bounty Killer. The guy with his head split in two wasn’t disgusting, it was silly. Whose head wiggles as it falls to the ground, I ask you? So Tank Girl […]

I started reading romance novels when I was 13. They were awesome. (Sex.) Lots of pretty people, gorgeous settings, outrageous heroes and flamboyant heroines and … yes … sex. I never considered romance books to be “women’s novels.” They were books that I liked to read and the stories often satisfied me. Once you like […]

Unless you took a social media free day in celebration of Labor Day weekend, you probably have seen the news about celebrities’ nude photos being leaked to the internet. News sites such as CNN, People Magazine, Yahoo, and more have been discussing the issue, some hinting that this leak is only to be expected. Some […]

What does it mean to be feminine? Google says: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness. Sigh. I write stories about kick ass women and oogy monsters. Says so, right here on my blog. You can check out my Kick Ass Woman’s Manifesto if you want to know how I define […]