This was the post I’ve been dreading because now I have to put into practice what I learned. Way to put myself out there, huh? So, I worked on a couple things to prepare for this post. One, I wrote my blurb for the Book That Will Never End–thinking positively, you know. Two, I played […]

This may come as no surprise but … I’m not a professional marketer. Okay, technically I am a professional marketer because that is what I do at work now, but I haven’t gone to school to learn marketing and I have a LOT to learn. That being said, I found some good stuff and not […]

Embarking on a learning journey. Wanna come? So, I’ve been doing marketing research, both for work and for my use as an indie author. I thought it would be fairly smart of me to write down what I learn, both so that I can go back to it when needed and to share the info […]