Learning about new books is great, right? Here’s another for your enjoyment. Blurb: FIRST IN A SERIES: Fightball: Dying of Suck … is the exaggerated and hyperbolic and mildly fictionalized story of Maj and Kallan, two wildly intelligent and hilarious sisters who navigate life from opposite ends of every point of view. Narrated by their […]

The High King's Will by M. A. Ray

Are you excited? I’m totes excited. I feel like I birthed this book myself, and all I did was watch it come bloody and screaming into this world, take its first steps, get stabbed, get up again… Wait a minute. Okay. Back to the good stuff. First, check out this excerpt:   He dropped his […]

*****New Release*****Resistant, a Sci-Fi/Horror Romance*****$2.99***** Blurb: Before the outbreak, Sahara was a high school teacher living alone in a small Alabama town. She saw her life as nothing more than endless days of teaching children Shakespeare and nights reading paranormal romances. She was happy with her life, as quiet and mundane as it was. After […]

Blurb: Morley Rivers lived a quiet life until she brought home a portrait of a hottie from the 19th century. Alexander Brynes had been cursed when his plea to a gypsy went horribly wrong. He was tethered to his portrait, unable to communicate with the people around him, until Morley came along. Alexander is positive […]

Blurb for The Summer Solstice Enchanted: After her mother’s mysterious death, Katrina Summer is hurtled into life in the quaint, seaside town of Apollo Beach where she learns of her ancient Greek ancestors from which the Summer family descends. Leading to her birthday, the day of the Summer Solstice, enigmatic visions and disturbing dreams haunt […]

NIKOOne can live for several weeks without food but only a few days without water, a fact seventeen year old Niko is only too aware of as she struggles to provide for her two younger brothers in a post apocalyptic landscape where the rain burns like acid, food grows increasingly scarce and any Slither that […]

A Scottish Urban Fantasy: Costa and UKLA nominated!  http://www.amazon.com/The-Calling-Gateway…/dp/B00IZPSKUO Blurb: On the run and hiding from ‘the suits’, Carolyn’s life is far from straightforward. After her mother and brother go missing in a most extraordinary way, (through a hole to another world which appears in the kitchen wall!), she is determined to track them down […]

Blurb: Jewel has a problem. She’s in a witch school and can’t get the most basic spells to work. Her true magical talents must remain hidden. That might be hard to do with a killer on the loose. Murder, mayhem, and magic with a little romance along the way.http://www.amazon.com/Norma-Jeans-School…/dp/B00UIANOPK Author: Rose has always been a […]

Can you feel your heart beating? Is it beating too fast? Do you feel trapped? Thisis because you are. You’re standing in a pool of water, in the basement of EndHouse, wearing your party clothes. But there is no party, no host and noguests. The door behind you locks shut. The only way is forward, […]

Hello all. I thought I’d update you on the progress of book four in the Devany Miller Series. It’s slow. Sorry. I’m writing, but it’s slow. I’m about 25,000 words in with a projected 75,000 more to go. If the story starts flowing again, I’m sure I can knock out those words but I don’t […]