Bug Queen is my new book, born of an image in my head. This image was of a woman with her hair blown back by epic wind, her dress sweeping behind her, and an ominous tornado of bugs behind her that she was controlling. Here’s how that scene played out on the page: The bugs […]

Tytan’s origin story here! For those who have read the Bazaar, I’m sure you remember Tytan. How could you not? He’s one of my favorite characters, to be sure, and one of my main character’s biggest–and sexiest–headaches. I thought it would be fun to share my work in progress about Ty’s parents. But first, let […]

Thanks for visiting! Just for you, here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming book, The Bug Queen: Vedalia Kirkaldy studied the directions on the insecticide, understanding in the deepest part of her she was only putting off the inevitable. Four trips to the grocery store for supplies. A break for lunch. A chat with her […]