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Bug Queen is coming. Are you ready?

I have some amazing friends. Would you like to see what they’ve done?

First there’s Maria, a.k.a. @Monster_Maven who made me these totes cool graphics:

Bug Queen by Jen Ponce Graphic by Maria Kay @Monster_Maven
You’ll meet Nina in Bug Queen. Oh boy will you meet her.
Bug Queen by Jen Ponce, Graphic by @Monster_Maven
YAY fungus versus bug show down

I met Maria on Twitter and I have to say she’s awesome. She loves monsters as much as I do and shows off her love with awesome, cool things like these. She was also kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to beta Bug Queen. So if you love it, you can sure count on it that her feedback helped me improve it.



And then there’s R. L. Wicke who made a kick ass trailer. Go on, watch it. You’ll see:

In addition to being a kick ass trailer-maker, she’s also a damn fine writer. She’s part of the folks in the Scriptorium, a place where a few of us post our work to get feedback. Bug Queen is also awesome because of the folks in the Scriptorium, including:

M. A. Ray
R. L. Wicke
S. J. Delos
M. L. John
Casey Matthews
Amanda B.
Matt Green

Plus a few members that came and went during that time:

Fiona Skye
Keith Manuel
Nikki Yager

Bug Queen

A small town with an alien secret buried in its foundation.
A mysterious box willed to an unsuspecting niece.
An insidious parasite with only one goal: to infest and destroy all life on Earth.
One woman with unwanted power and an entire planet to save.

 Here are a few fun tidbits:

Dude. Do you think that when aliens get here, they’ll get high with us?”

You know how people always scream apocalypse when something weird happens?
Y2K. December twenty-first? The blood moon and lunar eclipse? Well, I hate to be that person, but …”

From the moment she’d held the paper in her hands, she knew it was bad.
She felt it, the way Memaw could feel the rain coming or the heartache of one of her baby girls.
Down in her bones.

To the insects still in flight around the house, she said,
“Go. For now. Later we will hunt.”
They sent their agreement in the sounds of their wings in the air.

The tape around her wrists was frayed. She scraped, uncaring whether or not he saw her.
She also screamed again. And again. Maybe she hadn’t stopped.
Maybe she was just one big scream.

The tube was gone but it felt like an elephant had popped a squat on Mildred’s chest or maybe
did some of that horny dancing she saw on that tube channel on the internet.
Twatting? That may have been it. An elephant twatted on her chest and damn did the aftereffects hurt.

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