Touch But A Web
Series: Short Story Collections, Book 2
Genres: Dark fantasy, horror
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: Short Story Collection

Come inside, take off your shoes, and get comfortable. I do hope you aren't afraid of our eight-legged friends, as they play an integral part in the short stories that lie in wait inside this book.

First we'll venture to Midia and find out how Neutria, a new-born assassin spider, and Tytan meet. Neutria wants power and she is ambitious. Will a wily demon be her friend or foe? Chythraul Rising.

It's hard being a single man these days, and when a spider falls in love with you, there's no getting out of her deadly embrace in: My Girlfriend's a Spider.

Back to Midia we go, to meet precocious Masette Luresh. All she wants for Solstice is to meet the Spider Queen and go on a grand adventure. When her quest takes her face to face with a monster, Masette finds out what true heroism is, in Twas the Night Before Solstice.

Mick just wants a lucky break but not if a horde of spiders has anything to say about it. His dream is to eradicate all spiders, after a black widow bite leaves him terrified of the eight-legged monstrosities. A wrong turn and: It's Raining Spiders.

A mother and her children learn the true meaning of Solstice in: Dance of the Spiderplum Fairies.

All Tobias Juniper wants is to see the Carnicus: the brightly colored tents, the strongman, and, of course, SPIDERSPLOSION!

Joren Falls is a quiet town until Dahlia Darksider finds a murdered girl in the park. With the help of her friend Katie and the mysterious Sho, Dahlia must piece together the puzzle of the girl's death in: Dahlia Darkwater Walks Her Web.

An old man makes a clockwork spider and strikes up a friendship that lasts through time in the Clockwork Spider.

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