Hell Wrecker Part One: Addiction
Series: Hell Wrecker, Book 1
Genres: Dark fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: Serial novel
**Warning--lots of sexy sex and violent violence. Just saying.** Taye Pocrejac doesn't like living with her sister. She likes it even less when Toria tries to sacrifice her to a god. Lucky--or unlucky--for her, Lucifer steps in to save her life. For a price. Aside from having to deal with her new demon status, Taye must navigate the tricky waters of attraction for her roommate Ahlena and the new guy Finn, all the while fending off Lucifer's advances and the demons he sends to "toughen her up." The gods aren’t settling quietly in their jail in Hell, either, and Lucifer needs Taye’s help to keep them under lock and key. Will she accept her fate or tell Lucifer he can damn well save the world alone? Of course, Lucifer isn’t one to take no for an answer …
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