Blood Drunk
Series: Blood Tetralogy, Book 2
Genres: Dark fantasy, horror, Vampires
Tag: Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
**Caution: violence, blood, and sexytimes ahead. Turn back now if you have delicate sensibilities.** Patrick Montgomery loves women. A lot. Some would say he was a womanizer and they would be right. Injured when the evil Lady Catherine attacked MontGlass headquarters, Patrick is ill-equipped to fight off the vampire who wants to make him pay for past wrongs. Claudia Greyson has hunted her prey a long time and when the opportunity presents itself, she grabs the man who, so long ago, killed her husband and forced her into the hands of a monster. Since then, she has plotted her revenge on the man who destroyed her life and she will accept nothing less than his slow death at her hands.
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