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They're in for one hot ride.

Businesswoman Deb Park knows what she likes in a man, and it's not biker leathers or tattoos. What she doesn't know is how her next-door neighbor wormed his way into her dirtiest fantasies. He’s obnoxious, arrogant, and seems to enjoy making her life miserable, so why is it she wants him to press her up against a wall and kiss her senseless? She promises herself one night to satisfy her curiosity and then she’ll never think about Pete Test again. Bounty Hunter Pete Test isn't looking for a date, let alone a relationship, which is why his sudden obsession with his gorgeous neighbor is puzzling to say the least. It’s just that he loves the way her eyes blaze when she’s angry and oh, does she get angry at him. It wouldn’t hurt to take her for a ride, just one, to scratch the itch that she caused the minute he saw her. Then he can move on and forget all about the stubborn minx next door. They don’t realize the sparks flying between them are about to ignite a blaze that can’t be quenched. They don’t realize they’re in for one Hot Ride.
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