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Featured: Author Fiona Skye

Four years ago, she changed the world.

To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.

Fiona Skye, Taming Shadows, Jen Ponce Author


















Available on Amazon.

Check out author Fiona Skye’s website for more information and to keep up-to-date with her writing.

R. L. Wicke made the new, kick ass cover and trailer. Check her out on Fiverr.

Here’s my review of Taming Shadows:

This was an enjoyable read. Riley O’Rourke is a strong female character who doesn’t sit back and let others decide for her. She makes choices and acts as the agent of change in her story.

For those of you who enjoy Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series, you’ll see some things you like within these pages. Riley, the main character, is a werejaguar who ushers in the Night of Revelations, the big reveal to all of humankind that preternatural creatures exist among them.

The story was fun, the world building clever. I think it was a great read, one that treats its female characters with respect, something I appreciate.

I know someone mentioned they didn’t like the build up of the relationship between Riley and David but I thought it was well done. There wasn’t any dramatic misunderstandings, just a growing attraction between the characters and I liked it.

Great read!



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