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Ah! Zombies! or Do You NaNoWriMo?


Are you going to write a novel in November? I am. In fact, I’m feeling a little bit crazy so I’m going to work on TWO books in November.

Are you ready for this?


Totally have to write about zombies, don’t I? Um yes. Yes I do. Here’s my blurb:impassable-2impassable4

Five days. That’s all Juliette Landreth needs: time away from her wife and kids to make some hard decisions. A work conference in Omaha is the perfect place to pretend she isn’t eighteen years into a relationship that doesn’t make her happy anymore.

She’s barely off the plane when a wave of madness overtakes the airport and turns p eople into vicious, biting monsters.1658small impassable-3 Worse, those that die in the attacks don’t stay down for long. Juliette makes it out of the airport alive with the help of her coworker, but she’s stranded halfway across the country and there are 1658.6 miles and millions of the ravenous dead between her and her family.

She left home because she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Now she’ll do anything to get back to the ones she loves.

(For the record, I’m going to go with the skulls cover. But I had fun making all these.)

Two words: GLITTER, BITCH!

I don’t have an official blurb for this one yet but basically it’s about glitter-bitch-yellow-fronta woman who wants to put her messy divorce behind her and become a fabulous new person, starting with a fling that will end all flings. Only problem? Her fling ends up murdered and she ends up on the killer’s hit list. She enlists the help of a private investigator and hijinks ensue.

This cover was made possible by Em’s suggestion to, “Make it orange or yellow. Something bright.”
She rocks, doesn’t she? 😀


Well, we’ll find out if I’m a certifiable nut job soon.

Until then, happy writing!


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