Ack! Houston, We Have a Problem!

If you grabbed World Weaver when it came out, may I say a hearty thank you. Also, may I say I’m sorry, since it seems two scenes escaped my mad clutches and I did not get them uploaded into the final book. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?


Anyway, it is fixed now, but the first purchasers will be missing the two scenes until Amazon gets the old copies updated. I want to make sure everyone feels like they didn’t get cheated so here are the options:

  1. Return the book for a refund with my apologies.
  2. Email me and I’ll send you the missing two scenes.  ( — put MISSING TWO SCENES in the subject line)
  3. Email me a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the whole book via email in whatever format you wish. ( — put MISSING TWO SCENES in the subject line)

Let me know how I can fix if for you, because I’ll be very glad to.


The author chick who’s a few sandwiches short of her own picnic, apparently. 😀


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  1. For once, I’m glad I wasn’t able to dive into a new book 🙂 I’m so looking forward to this book though!

    1. Oh man, talk about a major goof. Good think Mike was on top of things. I sure wasn’t. 😀 (I’m making a list of things to do before hitting publish. This list is growing.)

        1. I learn so much all the time. LOL 🙂

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