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5 Quick Ways to Market Your eBook

5 Quick Ways to Market Your eBook by Jen Ponce

JustĀ 5 quick ways to market your ebook.

  1. Word of mouth.
    1. This is where your army of family and friends comes in handy. Or, the folks who have been reading your snippets and loving them. Those are the people who will push your book for you so you don’t have to. When they share or brag about your book, tell them thank you. Treat them right. They will be the ones who will talk you right onto bestseller lists.
  2. Facebook.
    1. This is similar to word of mouth up there. I see more helpful action on my personal account than my business account. Friends will share my posts faster than a stranger will.
    2. I’ve run Facebook ads with marginal success. They are relatively cheap, easy to do, and a well-written ad will get a lot of action.
  3. Newsletters.
    1. If you have an active list and lots of subscribers, I hear that’s the way to sell your books. You keep your subscribers happy and when the time comes to offer something with a $ on it, they are the ones who will snatch up your offering faster than random folks on the interwebs.
    2. There are newsletters such as the Fussy Librarian (which is a newsletter, website, etc…) that will run an ad for you. Book Bub is one that you have to pay (and steeply) for. Find the free ones first and see what happens.
    3. Have a friend with a big subscriber list? Have you kept them happy and thanked them a lot? (See #1) If so, ask them if they will talk about your book in their next newsletter. It’s worth a shot.
  4. Blog tour.
    1. This has varying degrees of success. If you manage to hop to a blog with lots of subscribers, you may just hit it big. Either way, it’s networking with fellow authors, which is always beneficial, if not to the pocketbook, then to your soul. Another thing you can do is guest post on blogs. You don’t want to try to sell your books, though. You want to sell yourself. (Not your body, just your personality. Pervo.)
  5. Twitter.
    1. I have quite a bit of success with Twitter. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to work too hard to build a following. Simple guidelines help with the success: if someone follows you, follow them. Retweet people and they’ll retweet you. Favorite stuff and your stuff will be favorited. It’s very much based on reciprocity. (Only tools and celebrities unfollow massive amounts of people after following them, just so they look popular. I don’t care who you are, if you aren’t following me then I’m not following you.)


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