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5 Quick Ways to Format Your eBook

Just 5 quick ways to format your ebook.

Hand writing Time to Learn concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.
This was my last cool graphic and it doesn’t *quite* fit, but I’m using it anyway, damn it. 
  1. Use Scrivener. 
    1. The learning curve is a big one, I’ll admit it. However, now that I’ve got the handle on it (with a few glitches I’m still working out) it’s the fastest way to format an ebook.
  2. Use Calibre.
    1. Calibre is free software you can use to format ebooks, store ebooks, and convert files from one medium to another. I use it in conjunction with Scrivener to check that the formatting on my ebook and the table of contents is properly hyperlinked.
  3. Use Word.
    1. It’s not quite as easy to use Word as it is to use Scrivener, but you can still create a great looking ebook with it. I really like the chapter styles you can use to make your chapter numbers all fancy. (That’s something I haven’t figured out with Scrivener. Those fancy chapters elude me.)
  4. Use OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
    1. Both of these options are free alternatives to Microsoft Word. They aren’t quite as intuitive as Word is, but it’s not hard to create a nice looking ebook with this software. You should always double check your pub with Calibre to make sure the links work and your font choices, etc… look good.
  5. Hire someone!
    1. Is this cheating? Totally not cheating in my book. Rachel Bostwick does an amazing job formatting and I have had her format the paperback version of Demon’s Cradle and World Weaver for me. She does a kickass job. You can find her here.

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