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5 Quick Ways to Edit Your Stories

Just 5 quick ways to edit.

  1. Dump each scene into Grammarly. 5 Quick Tips To Edit Your Story by Jen Ponce
    1. No, Grammarly isn’t the be all or end all. It’s a tool. If you have a handle on your grammar and you’re only using it to catch mistakes, it works well. If you know not to take everything it suggests as the the gods’ own truth, you’ll be fine.
  2. Dump each scene into NaturalReader. 
    1. You can use the software for free. Just be prepared to be interrupted every so often by it asking you if you want to buy the software. The software not only reads your story to you, it highlights each word as it’s read, which makes catching mistakes pretty easy.
  3. Dump each scene into ProWritingAid
    1. Again, you can use the free version. Again, don’t take everything it suggests as golden. It’s just a tool.
  4. Find beta readers. 
    1. Even folks who don’t have editing experience can be invaluable when it comes to catching mistakes in your story. Mistakes you probably aren’t even seeing because you’re so damn tired of your work by now.
  5. Read it on a different screen. 
    1. If you wrote your book on your laptop, save the file as an epub and send it to your Kindle or other reading device. You’ll be surprised how many mistakes you find once you’re reading your story someplace besides where you wrote it.

These quick tips can save your life if you’ve waited until the last day to write your essay for school. Well, perhaps not the beta reader part, unless you have lots of friends on speed dial.

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