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5 Quick Tips for Plotting Your Stories

This is just a quick post with five simple things to help plot your stories.

  1. Figure out what your character really, really wants. 5 Quick Tips to Plotting Your Story Jen Ponce
    1. Your job as author is to make sure they don’t get it, at least, not in the beginning, or middle of your story.
  2. Figure out your character’s flaw.
    1. This isn’t something simple. It’s a character defect. (No matter how amazing your character is, s/he needs to be human.) Being human means having flaws, making mistakes. What mistake will your character make over and over again (in different ways) throughout the story, until s/he learns?
  3. Figure out what you’re trying to say.
    1. Yeah, that means theme. It might be small or it might be a bonfire in your soul. Whatever it is, write it out and hang it up above your computer so you can refer to it often. Let your theme always been in your head as you write. Don’t consciously work it in unless you know how to be subtle. Just let it be there in your subconscious, seeding your writing with good stuff.
  4. Figure out how you want your main character to end up.
    1. Is s/he going to be happy? Sad? Is s/he going to end up all alone, but victorious? Is s/he going to win the love of her/his life? Having a general idea of where your headed can be helpful.
  5. Now, figure out the same things for your antagonist. 
    1. Yes, I know they are the villain. Do it anyway. They’ll be well-rounded and interesting if you take time to make them more than just a mustache-twirling monster.

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