This came up in a Facebook conversation and within the space of a few comments, I learned about two new plug-ins I’m now using on this site. I realized that it might be helpful to someone else to know what plug-ins I use, so I’m going to list them here and give you a little […]

I hear a lot of writers say they hate this question. Why? No one has asked me, maybe because they sense that I would be more than happy to answer them, at length. Since I’m an impatient person, I’ll just write about it here. But if you want to ask me some time, don’t be […]

Just 5 quick ways to market your ebook. Word of mouth. This is where your army of family and friends comes in handy. Or, the folks who have been reading your snippets and loving them. Those are the people who will push your book for you so you don’t have to. When they share or brag […]

Just 5 quick ways to format your ebook. Use Scrivener.  The learning curve is a big one, I’ll admit it. However, now that I’ve got the handle on it (with a few glitches I’m still working out) it’s the fastest way to format an ebook. Use Calibre. Calibre is free software you can use to […]

Just 5 quick ways to edit. Dump each scene into Grammarly.  No, Grammarly isn’t the be all or end all. It’s a tool. If you have a handle on your grammar and you’re only using it to catch mistakes, it works well. If you know not to take everything it suggests as the the gods’ […]

*****New Release*****Resistant, a Sci-Fi/Horror Romance*****$2.99***** Blurb: Before the outbreak, Sahara was a high school teacher living alone in a small Alabama town. She saw her life as nothing more than endless days of teaching children Shakespeare and nights reading paranormal romances. She was happy with her life, as quiet and mundane as it was. After […]

Blurb: Morley Rivers lived a quiet life until she brought home a portrait of a hottie from the 19th century. Alexander Brynes had been cursed when his plea to a gypsy went horribly wrong. He was tethered to his portrait, unable to communicate with the people around him, until Morley came along. Alexander is positive […]

I thought I’d get back into interviewing the coolest authors I know, starting with Mike Wolff, author of Twisted Tales, The Ancients, Guiding Council, and Seeking Cont Your books read like fairy tales. I know I grew up reading Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. What kind of influence, if any, did fairy tales have on […]

Blurb for The Summer Solstice Enchanted: After her mother’s mysterious death, Katrina Summer is hurtled into life in the quaint, seaside town of Apollo Beach where she learns of her ancient Greek ancestors from which the Summer family descends. Leading to her birthday, the day of the Summer Solstice, enigmatic visions and disturbing dreams haunt […]