Beta reading is a lot of fun. It’s a great way to help out an author, it allows you to be part of making a good thing better, and, if you’re a writer, you learn from helping someone else. There are a lot of ways to beta read. You can do line edits, proofreading. You […]

There’s a sickness going around. It’s green, it’s pervasive, and it’s ridiculous. I see people who should be supporting each other and cheering each other on, get all curled up and crabby over another person’s win, as if one person winning means another person loses. This isn’t so. Okay, maybe in Super Bowls or Rock, […]

1. Write down your goals. If you don’t have a firm idea of where you’re going, you’ll get somewhere, but not necessarily where you want to be. That wandering is fun and should be tried out because life isn’t all about the destination. However, how will you know when you’ve accomplished something wonderful if you […]