My epic writing schedule is my way of dreaming big. I did quite a few posts on it before I accidentally lost my other blog. Oy. Nightmare. Anyway, I recently redid my epic schedule and thought I’d share it with you. Sure, it’s bound to change. Life gets in the way, often, or other opportunities […]

Four years ago, she changed the world. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.                                   Available on Amazon. Check out author Fiona Skye’s website for more information and to keep up-to-date with her writing. R. L. Wicke made […]

Books! Books! Read some books! It’s been a great year, one full of new friendships, deepening relationships, and wonderful story telling. To wrap up 12 months of awesomesauce, I wanted to create a reading list (with links) of the authors and/or books I’ve enjoyed this year. Some authors have more books than what I’ve listed […]