There are tons of writing books out there and they all promise to fix, improve, enlighten, and empower you to write better, faster, more seriously, funnier, scarier, wilder. Whatever you want to do, there’s a book out there to teach you how to do it. I know because I’ve read most of them. Don’t believe […]

Yeah, you read that right. I wrote every day for an entire year. What? No way. I also logged a total of 1,381,574 words in that very same year. Holy crap. How did I do it? What motivated me to sit down and write every day, whether I’d had a shitty day or good one? Whether […]

A few years ago, my friend Kat said, “Jen, you have to read this book. You’ll love it.” She was right. That book was Skinkwalker by Faith Hunter. Now she’s 7 books into the series and her Kick Ass Woman character Jane Yellowrock is still as awesome as ever. Let me say first, if you […]