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I’m not sure anyone can say this enough … and maybe we, as a society DON’T say it enough. So, in case we haven’t heard this lately: Abusers are Losers. There are a lot of excuses for abusive people: “He was angry.” “He’s addicted to alcohol/drugs, he can’t help it.” “She’s so annoying; of course […]

So I watched part of Into the Forest tonight. I say part, because the second the creepy dude walked out of the forest and tried to rape one of the protagonists, I turned it off. Rape isn’t a plot point. Why was it in this movie at all? Sure, it’s an apocalyptic movie. That means […]

Mirren Hogan is celebrating the release of her historical fiction novel Night Witches. Searchlights lit up the sky, but they were looking where we had been. Antonina had restarted the engine and nimbly avoided them every time they moved. “This is too close,” she declared, sounding breathless herself. Another couple of minutes and we’d be […]

You. You there, with your ink-smudged fingers. You, with the stubby nails and callused fingertips. You, with the too-rapid heartbeat from the caffeinated beverages you consume from sunrise to sunset to fuel your muse. Yeah, you. I love you. I appreciate every drop of your blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the books you […]

It’s here and it’s beautiful! The long awaited cover of Umbrae (The P.A.W.S. Saga, Part 3) created by the ever awesome Rachel Bostwick. So what’s it about? Step into the Shadows of Umbrae … Miri’s world at P.A.W.S. in St. Louis is falling apart. First, Danny is accused of stealing her opapa’s charm. But before […]