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The Bazaar

Devany Miller Series Book 1

Slip Song

Devany Miller Series Book 2

Demon's Cradle

Devany Miller Series Book 3

World Weaver

Devany Miller Series Book 4

Devany Miller Series

Horror and fantasy mix in this ongoing series about Devany Miller: mother, advocate, and all around kickass woman.

Queen of the Apocalypse Trilogy

Enjoy a little camp in your horror? How about bugs or fungus? If so, this series is for you. If these things scare you, then this series is definitely for you.

Blood Tetralogy

Bloody vampires everywhere. Here too! Check out this dark series that follows the Montgomery family and half-vampire Issala.

Hell Wrecker

Taye Pocrejac isn't anyone's toy and the sooner Lucifer figures that out, the better off they'll both be. Too bad Lucifer can't leave well enough alone ...