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Do you like shifter stories? A main character with a surprise baby that she wants to keep secret? Then this book is for you. Out December 1st and you can preorder today. There’s snow, unusual magic, evil fey, and a harem that the main character has to work to assemble.

Coming soon to a Kindle near you … Three sexy dudes, one fed-up lady, and a helluva lot of fun. Preorder now. Out February 2!

If you love zombies like I do, and love to thrash around in dark, terrifying places, you might enjoy this book about a 40 something mom who gets trapped halfway across the country from her kids. This was a great book to write and I hope you enjoy it.

Check out the series here.

This kinky, fast burn reverse harem series is complete! Korri is a blood-letting, stabby chick who has a thing for demons. Hot demons, pervy demons, bad ass murdery demons.

Poppy’s story Rock Meet Hardplace is in this collection and the whole thing is free. Please pick up a copy and support all the wonderful authors in the collection.
A new fabulous heroine can be found in this collection. Dez is a null in a world full of magic and those who wield great power want her on their side. Check it out on Amazon!
This is a charity collection for a good friend and author who lost her house in the Australian fires. You can find a story about Spark in this one (From the Raster City Series.)
Captured Magic will be Book 1 of Poppy’s story. You may remember Poppy from Korri’s series. She has her very own story as she kicks all the butt in prison with the help of some super awesome gargoyles who have thoroughly wormed their way into my heart. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Out now!
A prequel of Captured Magic called Rock, Meet Hard Place will be appearing in a collection soon. You’ll get to meet the gargoyles and have tons of fun cavorting with them in Hell. You’ll see this in February 2020.
The Raster City Series is complete! WOOOOO!!!

I’m VERY happy to show off the new covers for Devany’s series. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have a set of covers that really provide an epic fantasy feel to her story. Each one has a heart because the crystal heart really set off her adventures and HER heart carried her through all the trials and tribulations she faced. 

I hope you love these as much as I do!!

“I’m not usually a fan of books about witches and magic, but this is one series that I look forward to reading more of!” 
–Tess from WA

“Devany Miller has earned the distinction of becoming my most favorite, fictional female character. She’s the epitome of real life, modern woman.” 
–Lex Allen

“All I can say is, Wow! This is the best fantasy/sci-fi book I have read in a long time and I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series.”

“Urban Fantasy, Mystery and Horror, mixed in with some Thriller make up the contents of this novel by one of my favorite authors. It did not disappoint.”
–Mike Wolff

Quite an entertaining read, if I do say so myself. If you like strong, independent, kick ass female protagonists then you’ll like this book.
–Nikki Yager, aka the Dragon Queen

“All of the characters were complex, with both dark and light sides, which made them identifiable and kept me engrossed in their world.”
–S M Lowry




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      Thank you! I agree, we need more great stories about kickass women. 🙂

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